Medicinal centipede cream

    Medicinal centipede cream

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    Non-steroid herbal therapy for eczema and psoriasis
    Tsinghua Unisplendour Guhan Bio-pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd



    Specialty formula in the treatment of stubborn eczema and urticaria using the medicinal centipede (scolopendra). This potent ingredient is widely used in TCM formulas for the expulsion of heat toxins. Its action on lesions is the aggressive removal of damp heat from the skin. Scolopendra is also used in internal medicine. It acts on liver channel, and has the effects of checking endogenous wind to relieve convulsion and clearing obstruction in the channels to relieve pain. The effects is similar to that of scorpion but stronger.


    Medicinal centipede is primarily anti-dampness, anti-heat and anti-parasitic. This makes this ingredient suitable for use to treat eczema. These qualities are highlighted in ancient TCM treatises such as the 'Pern Jing'. 


    [ Appearance ] Cream is dark grey and has a light camphor aroma.
    [ Main ingredients ] Medicinal centipede, Indigo naturalis, Common cnidium fruit, Sulphur, Borneol, Cortex phellodendri, Alumen, Rhizoma curcumae aeruginosae and twelve other Chinese herbs.
    [ Indications ] Clears dampness and heat. Removes evil wind and itch. For use on heat-dampness-wind conditions such as chronic and acute eczema, psoriasis and urticaria. Relieves itch and cools the skin.

    [ Dosage ] For external use only. Apply a thin layer of the cream on the affected part after cleansing, follow up with some light massaging so that the cream is absorbed into the skin. Apply twice a day.

    [ Caution ] 1. Use as instructed by Chinese physician.
    2. Not for use on rotting skin or open wounds.
    [ Packaging ] 10 gram packaging.
    [ Storage ] Close tightly and store away from strong sunlight.
    [ Permit no. ] B20020647 

    [ Features ]
    Manufactured by an established pharmaceutical company
    Proprietary formula
    Natural ingredients, no additives, steroids or stimulants
    No side effects
    High success rate


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    Good buy
    Paul .j 24 February 2010 I brought this for my eczema problems, me and my brother have been using this for some time and it stops itching completely and works like after 24hrs very effectively, i highly recomend this, as i know it works. Paul , USA (New York)

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