Brown Seaweed Defatting Soap

Quantity: 3 bars x 35 grams Producer: J&K International Ltd Origin: Thailand
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Manufactured in Thailand

3x bars of Soap provided

It is suitable for face washing and bathing and is beneficial to the skin. This soap contains rare elements of seaweed and ahs strong permeability, allowing the active principles to penetrate the skin upon contact. It cleans the excess built up of debris at the capillary holes. Moreover, it can discharge the fat underneath the skin. At the same time, its action promotes circulation, tones the skin, making it delicate. The constant use of this product supports a slender and tight body.


As easy as a shower massage to disperse fatty tissues

Seaweed Slimming Soap is designed to help reduce cellulite on and around the waist thigh and buttock area, giving a smooth, supple and toned appearance. Use everyday to keep your body firm and taut. The result should be revealed in 1 month. This highly effective formula is produced from ingredients sourced from the USA.


Suitable for men and women.

Seaweed soaps have been tested through the centuries and provide a gently skin-softening effect, but the unique qualities that have made the Slimming Soap so popular in the orient are it’s fat removal properties. It contains a homeopathic blend of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals derived from the sea which penetrate the skin by osmosis and result in the loss of stored subcutaneous body fat. When used in addition to your weight reduction program, it may shorten the time it takes to reach your weight goal. In the process, you will enjoy a superb skin treatment and a delightful fragrance!


Research Findings. A group of 110 men and women who volunteered to use the soap participated in a hospital study and were clinically observed over a 70-90 day period. The total effective rate for weight loss was an outstanding 92%! The average weight loss of the participants was 5 pounds! 27.5% reported 3 inches lost from the abdomen and buttocks. 56.5% reported 2-3 inches lost from the abdomen and buttocks. The remaining group fell in the 1-2 inch range. While to some this may not seem like a monumental amount, it is worth looking at because the participants lost the weight and inches through the use of the soap alone with no other diet plan.


This Soap is designed to help Slim and Lift the waist, flabby arms, thigh & buttock area, giving a smooth, supple and toned appearance.

[ Function ]

1. Slims down targeted areas

2. Help to firm up the skin

3. Reduces Cellulite

4. Smoothes and softens the skin

5. Reduce and stretch marks

6. Also helps to fade scars on the body

[ How to Use ]

1. Make thick foam (creamy type) using a little water.

2. Massage at the waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks with a circular motion from bottom to top several times.

3. Allow sometime for the natural herbs from the soap to penetrate your skin

4. Rinse with clean water.

Remarkable effects can be seen after a month of daily use.

[ Ingredients ]

Seaweed Extract, Ivy Extract, Lime Bossom Extract, Lanolin Oil, Natural Gel Soap

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