Black Keloid Paste 100ml

    Black Keloid Paste 100ml

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    Keloid remodelling with a natural formula




    Successful keloid remodelling with a natural formula

    The Hei Ba Gao or Black Keloid Paste is a classical formula revived by Hainan TCM Hospital in the 80′s. It was first recorded in the Pi Fu Wai Ke as adapted from an old treatise. This unique formula, known as ‘Black Keloid Paste’ or ‘Black Cloth Paste’ has shown positive shrinkage of the entire keloid over a sustained period of application.

    The paste is hand brewed according to an old recipe. Do allow for some production time before we dispatch the paste to you.

    The earlier it is used during the formation of the keloid, the better will be the result. The new Hei Ba Gao has been reformulated over 19 procedures to enhance its effectiveness on remodelling the keloid. Today, the Hei Ba Gao can only be properly prepared using old school methods, hence it is produced only in small batches. One of the key ingredient is Galla chinensis. See picture below.



    The gall on the leaf of Rhus chinensis Mill. (Chinese sumac), Rhus potaninii Maxim. (potanin sumac) or Rhus punjabensis var. sinica (Diels) Rehd. et Wils. (red-punjab sumac), a deciduous dungarunga of the family Anacardiaceae, which is mainly formed by the parasitism of an insect called the “gall aphid”. The decidious tree grows to about 6 m tall. It is in flower in August. The flowers are dioecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required) and are pollinated by bees. The plant cannot grow in the shade. It requires moist soil. Below shows the sun dried Galla Chinensis:

    Sun Dried Galla Chinensis

     The Black Keloid Paste is indicated for the vegetation of the connective tissue of the skin. Most lesions occur on scars wrought by external wounds, burns, infections, and surgery. The scar is raised above the skin. It is pink or dark red, smooth and shiny. The scar will generate itch and sharp pains as it hardens and presses against the nerves.


    [ Why herbal alternatives? ]

    1. Food grade ingredients
    2. No artificial preservatives
    3. Does not traumatise the skin
    4. Cost effective
    5. Non invasive
    6. No side effects; multiple keloids often form years after steriod injections or surgery

    [ Actions ]


    To clear heat, dry the dampness, promote blood circulation, dispel wind, stop itching and inflammation. Its mechanical action is to remodel the collagen matrix that composed the keloid, resulting in a more compact tissue mass. Picture on the left shows the flattening effect of the black paste on a keloid. The flattened part as contrasted with the raised portion. A portion is flattened in a diagonal line.


    ” I would like to state that as a Chinese girl, I became prone to Keloids at 16 years old. I have tried steroid injections, silicon scar plasters, silicon gels and steroid tape…oh and bio-oil. Hei Ba Gao is the only thing that has made a vast difference and ~ within 3-4 applications! I am not trying to sell the produc because I don’t work for them – because I don’tI am a student. I would just like to share my success because I know how it feels to suffer from abnormal looking scars – I have about 8 of them – and this is the greatest thing that has been invented that has modified my self esteem and I hope it helps you too. It really is the last product on the market that I have tried and I wish I had tried it earlier.”

    M. Chan

    Note: one of the reasons for this customer’s highly positive response could be due to her young age. The skin is more pliable at youth and is relatively easy to rehabilitate. Unfortunately, keloids become dense as it proliferates scar tissues over time. This is one reason that the Hei Ba Gao is better used at a younger age.


    ” My name is Bill Davis sr., I have been using Hei Ba Gao for several weeks now, and the results have been mind blowing. I thank God for your product. The keloids on my head are beginning to shrink. Keep up the good work.”


    “I’ve purchased this exact product from you before. I finished the container and noticed half had began flattening. I stayed a few months without using it and it began raising again so hopefully this time, it will flatten fully. Very pleased with this product. just thought I’d let you know.”

    Rozie L.


    1. Arrest of itch, pain and growth

    Indicated for the inflammation and activity of the collagen fibres, which result in excessive tissue growth. Hardening of the keloid mass will cause it to press against nerve sections of the skin to cause pain. One key treatment criteria is to ensure that the keloid is softened. Once the keloid is softened, proliferation of scar tissues is inhibited. An untreated keloid becomes dense and hard over time, resulting in pain even for small movements.

    2. Mass reduction


    Indicated for the shrinkage of the collagen mass. There may be some initial fluctuations in the size of the keloid, but over a few months, result will stabilize. Some will need to sustain treatment over a longer period of time to see optimum shrinkage. Flattening often occurs at the center of the keloid. It can be as flat as the normal skin while the 2 ends of the keloid will take a longer time.


    The same keloid mass shrunken considerably after 12 months of treatment comprising the Hei Ba Gao and Ba Hen Ling (with/without snake oil). It can be seen that a scar is still visible but it is not longer keloidol and is much acceptable in appearance and sensation. Reasonable expectation is necessary. Some customers with thinner and smaller keloids see result in a shorter period of time. Keloids that have reformed from steroid injections and surgery will require a longer period of therapy. Keloids with larger mass will also require a longer period of treatment. Continued treatment will allow us to see a flattening of the keloid at the center and a consequent breaking up of the keloid into 2 smaller keloids. It is more manageable this way as the keloid mass does not stretch along the skin, restricting movement.

    Test result on 30 patients who used the new formula Hei Ba Gao: 99% positive response rate*

    20 cases reported significant improvements::As defined by: [1] softening of the keloid, [2] dramatic flattening of the keloid, [3] restoration of normal skin colour and [4] restoration of mobility of underlying muscles.

    10 cases reported major improvements: As defined by: [1] shrunken keloid mass, [2] softer keloid mass, [3] thinning keloid mass and [4] partial restoration of mobility of underlying muscles.

    Please note that there has been a number of imitations since the product was introduced online in 2002. The Hei Ba Gao is produced in a fixed quantity monthly. Should the Hei Ba Gao be sold out when your order is placed, please allow some delay in the shipment. The Hei Ba Gao has a shelf life of 3 years from the month of production.

    [ Administration ]

    [ 1 ] For external use only, spread thinly on the keloid, once every 2 days, for a minimum of 8 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. Cover the entire keloid with the black paste. Some older physicians will recognize the product as the ‘Black Cloth Paste’ as it looks like a piece of black cloth placed over the keloid. [ 2 ] Apply on clean and dry skin on the keloid (try to avoid the surrounding skin). [ 3 ] To prevent staining, a piece of cotton gauze can be applied after the paste is slightly dry. [ 4 ] Ideally, the paste can be applied in the evening and left on overnight. [ 5 ] Please abstain from eating seafood, except fish, as marine proteins can accelerate collagen production, hence increasing keloid size. Other food substances to avoid include: alcohol, excessive meat and garlic. Do not apply more than 4 times a week.

    The Black Keloid Paste is removed under running water (during shower) to soften the dried paste. It is then peeled off. Like a mask, the Black Keloid Paste will gradually dry and become hardened, generating sensations of the skin being pulled. Should it be inconvenient to wait until the paste dries thoroughly, cotton pads or gauze can be placed on the keloid so that it will not stain the clothes.

    If the skin is dry, reduce usage to once every 3 days. During application, try to avoid the surrounding skin, where the skin is more delicate.

    Please note the 2 stages of using the paste:

    Action: When the paste is applied, the keloid will appear red

    Effect: When the paste is removed, the keloid will feel softer and flatter a few hours later.

    As remodelling treatment breaks down the collagen matrix of the keloid, you will notice: 1. wrinkling of the keloid and 2. the keloid breaking into smaller sections with some sections flattening faster than the others. Customers will notice the paste working about 1-2 days after an application, and not during the application.

    Although there is no rapid treatment for keloids, we can reduce an unsightly keloid into normal scar – one that does not itch, is neither raised nor growing. In most cases, the redness is largely reduced and the scar blends better with the surrounding skin in color and flatness. Keloid remodelling is permanent as the scar tissues are reorganized. There is no suppression using steroids or other harmful chemicals.

    Optimum result can be obtained by using the Black Keloid Paste in combination with the Ba Hen Ling or the Keloid cream with snake oil. The key to a successful treatment is to constantly coat the keloid with either the Hei Ba Gao or the Ba Hen Ling or the Keloid cream with snake oil. Our treatment is not a cure, it is a therapy to help reverse the process of abnormal scar proliferation.

    The Hei Ba Gao is not recommended for individuals who expect the treatment result to be equivalent to steroids injections or laser therapy. It is a natural, herbal alternative to gently remodel the keloid without causing it to be more aggressive. It is a long term, sustainable treatment. The Hei Ba Gao was formulated to be a non-invasive treatment to soften and flatten the keloid. For a faster but invasive treatment, other treatments should be pursued.

    [ Contraindications ]

    Silicon sheets should not be placed on top of the paste as the perspiration trapped with the silicon sheet and the paste may cause rashes. Please consult us or your Chinese medicine physician before any modifications are made to its recommended usage.

    If the paste is too drying on the skin, allow a longer interval in between applications.

    This product is not suitable for individuals who wish to see quick result equivalent to that of steroid injections or laser therapy. This is a natural, alternative treatment which gently softens and flattens the keloid. It is a long term, sustainable treatment.


    Customer Reviews

    33 Reviews "Black Keloid Paste 100ml"

    Zane 17 November 2014 took a bet on buying this to use on my arm, as i have a large keloid based on the top of my arm, I've had this paste for around 2 months now have started to notice the keloid is slightly beginning to shirk in size, I've been using this every night before going to sleep and washing of the paste in the morning, I'm glad its finally showing results using this as it is not cheap.. I'm glad with the results so far...
    it does not work at all
    rron 9 February 2014 after 6 months!!
    Sinead 18 November 2013 I bought this product as I wanted to try all natural alternatives before steroid injections and I am si glad I did. After one week my scar has shrunken and I can see that the scar is reshaping too. The icthing, shooting pains and growing of the scar ceased after the first application. It dries really quickly and is hardly messy compared to silicone gels and sheets that don't stay on. So you can go all day and night and it's like there's nothing there. It working for me, 10 out 10! Good luck everyone :)
    The paste
    Harry 14 April 2013 Good treatment for small keloids works well on dry keloids.
    a very good product
    Abdul 1 January 2013 I'm very much glad with this.
    Mikel 24 October 2012 This is really messy stains as well, but it seems like it works very well with usage over time
    No 1
    stateside 8 July 2012 great product
    Found this on facebook, looks positive so far...
    Dave FB 8 June 2012 I found this product on Facebook in a keloid group, Google it, found some positive reviews. had it now for 3 weeks I have noticed some slight flattening occurring, looks like it is working
    Not a let down
    Darren 6 May 2012 Its not everyday you get one of these type of products that claim that they work and it actually does, This has worked for me and i'm very happy to say this is a product which i did not waste any money on.
    Black keloid paste
    Donny 31 January 2012 Good product, bit messy but very effective.
    Only now geeting a response
    NY user 28 January 2012 I've been using this stuff for much longer then others stating that it works for them after 2 months , i have used it for roughly around 8 months , spent my money on 2 jars , and only have started to see some slight flattening, i hope it now continues to flatten further.
    Perlina 22 January 2012 works, works, this is so awesome!!!!!

    Tammy 21 January 2012 Positive results on my keloids!!!!!!
    My Feedback
    Keith byson 11 January 2012 First of all took a long time to receive was not to happy about that, but I must say that I have had a slow response using this paste but all fair I have used it for around 4 months now and my keloids have actually flatten from how they were originally this redeems my faith in your company and this product
    Arrived in the post today, Lets Go...
    Randy kelly 10 January 2012 So delighted ive received my jars in the post today, I know my cousin has been using this product, and seen his results which are very positive. thanks for the speedy delivery im hoping to get positive results like my cousin hoping to purchase more soon until my keloids are flatten
    greatly appeciated
    usa sufer 6 January 2012 Thanks for supplying such a great product that for a change actually works,did not waste my money on this at all,this paste definitely gets my vote!!!!
    Abs 25 December 2011 Worked after 4 months happy with the purchase, thanks.
    very happy with results
    Dexter, from Ireland 14 November 2011 I used the paste for 2 months im seeing it work really well, cheers inatural
    Thank you for a great product
    Jeremy 6 June 2011
    I brought the black keloid paste 2 months ago I've started to see some of my keloids slowly flatten , this was definitely a good buy I'm very pleased with the results i am seeing, had to write this review that's the least i could do thanks again for a great product
    Huge surprise
    Wendi 3 December 2010 I am so shocked that after 3 months of using the Black Keloid Paste and beliving that the product was not working it totally thew me off that it might work ,but since monday my keloid has shrunk to half its size and the color has even lighten to match the surrounding skin, I really am loving this product now, and everyone take note, this does work.
    Just a thank you
    D. G 5 November 2010 The paste has worked beyond my expectations, i did not expect it to be so effective, for me it has been the best thing i have spent my money on in the 9 years of having my keloids develop, i thank you very much.
    Doing a great job
    J. Hamilton 29 September 2010 It took a while for the paste to arrive in the mail, but i finally received it a few weeks back, it was worth the wait, my keloid seems to be getting smaller, only been using it for 3 weeks so far , i really cant wait to see the results after say 3 months, so happy that i found this site....
    mike 20 August 2010 just ordered it hope it works will follow up
    Trevor 27 May 2010 I give thumbs up all the way on this black keloid paste, did wonders for my own scar problems
    How does this work
    JUAN 26 May 2010 Got the product used it for a month and a half and it is flattening my keloids, how is it doing this? i have been told by my plastic sugeon the only way to remove my keloids is surgery, this is really a rare product, still shocked on how the hell this works
    Advice much appreciated
    Garry from Iowa 13 April 2010
    Thanks for the advice on the ingredients, much appreciated I will be ordering more Paste soon
    bad product
    beli 11 April 2010 terrible
    Bk keloid paste
    New user (Ksh) 7 April 2010 I have been using the paste for a few months now its only now starting to show some results, are their any stores i can pick up the paste from as my paste is running out, you guys should set up a store
    Just received order
    New Buyer 5 March 2010 Just recived my order earlier today, the 80ml jar looks like it will last a while, also looks like some serious stuff, well i will let you guys know how it goes.
    impressed with service
    keloid user 2 March 2010 Thx for the speedy delivery, the instuctions you have sent with this as well are very useful too,cheers
    Question on using the black keloid paste
    Richard Freeman 27 February 2010 Hello,
    I purchased the black keloid paste a month ago to flatten a keloid located in my
    left arm. After only one month of application, my keloid partially
    flattened. I have a question regarding future application: my keloid
    has now two "sections" - a flattened one and a raised one. Their color is
    the same (red), but the flattened part has a wrinkled texture. Should I
    continue applying the black keloid paste to the whole thing, or should I
    consider the flattened part healed, applying the paste only on
    the raised part? Anyway, thanks for introducing such a great product

    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards
    Thanks a bunch
    Susan. L 21 February 2010 Thank you very much for the reply. I am relieved to know it is still safe to use the paste during pregnancy... Now I can place more orders.. this product is really an amyzing product and i am glad i can continue using it....
    thank you and more power to your companay.. susan, Ireland
    Black keloid paste
    Danny 21 February 2010 I am extremely happy to confirm that the Black Keloid Paste and Keloid Cream with Snake fat have been effective in flattening my chest keloid.
    I had a keloid, approx. 1cm long x 0.5cm wide in the centre of my chest since 2005. It was bright pink, shiny, firm and raised (similar to a dark pink mosquito bite). It was unsightly but most importantly it itched + ached. However by using the forementioned products over time my keloid is now a mere shadow of its former self. It is now completely flattened and practically non existent, except for being a slightly darker colour compared to the rest of my skin.
    It is a dramatic difference to what it once was and I am most relieved that despite the complicated nature of chest keloids, these products have done exactly what they said they would. Throughout treatment inaturalstore has been most helpful with advice + answering my concerns.
    I highly recommend these products and would like to emphasise the importance of beginning treatment sooner rather than later,, thanks mate :-)

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