Lulur Solo Scrub 30 gram per pack x 4

Lulur Scrub from Solo

Aromatic powder made from spices, herbs and flowers
Sekar Sari
Solo / Indonesia

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Lulur Solo, a yellow paste made from rice powder, this wonderfully aromatic mixture is rubbed on the whole body by hand to exfoliate the skin. Lulur has a remarkable softening effect on the skin and has always been a part of the beauty care of Javanese royal families. The queen of treatments literally, this exfoliation and polishing treatment has been practiced in the palaces from Central Java to Bali since the 17th century. There, the pursuit of beauty has long been a daily ritual and the Lulur, an integral step, leaving the skin soft, supple and shining. this product was used by kings and queens for centuries.


Main ingredients: rice powder, turmeric, sandalwood, galangal, kolor, mung beans, cinnamon, temu lawak (wild ginger), temu giring (medical root), Delem leaves and Gambi flower.


The colour of this mixture is light beige and will turn yellow upon contact with water. The paste carries a fruity aroma with a tinge of spice. It leaves the skin smooth and smelling like paradise.


Perhaps what is so intriguing about Lulur is its sandalwood content and its ancient use as a spiritual cleanser. The Indian poet Kalidasa once wrote: "Beautiful ladies, preparing themselves for the feast of pleasures, cleanse themselves with the yellow powder of sandal, clear and pure, freshen their breast with pleasant aromas, and suspend their dark hair in the smoke of burning aloes."


[ Method ]
1. Massage your body with your a mixture of the powder and water. Leave the paste on the skin for a few minutes.
2. Once dry, gently rub the paste off the body with water. 

[ Solo ]

Surakarta or more famous as Solo is lying across in fertile plain terrain along the longest river in Java, Bengawan or River Solo. Flanked by mountain volcanoes Merapi and Merbabu in the north, and mount Lawu in the southeast border, is famous as a stronghold and center of Javanese culture and tradition. The history of Solo is unseparable with its ancient past - with the discovery of the 'Java man' in the village of Sangiran in Sragen Regency, Hindu Buddhist Temples and the existence of old kratons (palaces) of Javanese Sultans. 


Solo is a province of Indonesia. It is known for the native’s ingenious use of tropical herbs to protect and beautify the skin. Each province has its own traditional recipes and this one belongs to Solo. Its ingredients are still a closely guarded secret. But from the aromas of the yellow, you can almost feel the fresh tropical jungle where wild and wondrous plants grow. 


The powder is mixed with some water and rubbed into the skin. Use deep movements to slough off the old dead cells and allow the herbs to nourish the skin. Try not to rush through the process to allow the herbs to condition the skin. 


It is best used during shower.


After scrubbing the skin, wash off with water and if possible, apply some rich youghurt or your favourite moisturizer to finish off.


In Indonesia, this ritual is often elaborate with a scented flower bath, with a cold yoghurt rub-down after a whole body scrub with the Lulur powder and sesame oil.


You can use the Lulur powder as often as you like. The Lulur not only lightens the skin, it also protects it from the environment and diseases.






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