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Formula for flattening and lightening keloids


The Keloid Salve is formulated with tincture extracts of biji lamtoro (seeds of Chinese petay tree; Leucanea), daun sambiloto (leaves of the jujube tree; Andrographis paniculata). The Keloid Salve is best combined with the Black keloid paste to provide for a more intensive treatment for stubborn keloids. Use only the Black keloid paste for your keloids if you have sensitive skin. Using both the Black keloid paste and Ba Hen Ling can be too drying on sensitive skin. The Ba Hen Ling is most suitable for keloids at the limbs (legs and hands).


This formulation is not only a preventive treatment for keloids, it is formulated to soften and flatten stubborn keloids. A keloid, once hardened, can cause much inconvenience even to accommodate a slight movement of the surrounding tissues. At the same time, the hardened mass can exert pressure on nerve sections, causing sudden short sensations of pain. On the other hand, a softened keloid can be gradually flattened with the appropriate therapy. In general, the longer the individual has suffered from psoriasis, the longer the length of treatment. Some individuals may have to continue the treatment for longer, possibly over a year, especially for those who have had lengthy treatment with Western medicine such as steroids, surgery or injections, as the keloid has become very stubborn.if after a few weeks of treatment, there are signs of improvements, the individual may need to take the treatment consistently until the keloid has been reduced to a normal scar. Diet and internal administration of herbs can affect the treatment progress.


As a keloid is a complex consequence of skin tension, dehydration and extracellular activity, the Keloid Salve is very beneficial in restoring normalization of the skin. The most immediate benefit of the Keloid Salve is the improvement of the appearance of the keloids. The keloids are less inflamed and are more elastic. This elasticity ensures that the keloids are not easily traumatized by the movement of surrounding tissues. It will also be more rounded at the edges as it is being progressively flattened.


The principal modes of action is the ability to influence the inflammatory process in the wound healing cascade and its ability to promote Type 1 and Type 3 collagen balance. The immature thickened wound is characterised by a prolonged inflammatory stage and an abundance of Type 3 collagen. The promotion of Type 1 collagen production and the winding down of the inflammatory process is directly influenced by the Keloid Salve, as manifested by improved wound healing and scar formation. This inflammatory modulation property of the Keloid Salve may stop the conversion of the myofibroplasts, the cell type known to be associated with thickened, keloid type scars.


During remodeling, collagen turnover allows the randomly deposited scar tissue to be rearranged, in both linear and lateral orientation. The Keloid Salve is best used with a pressure gauze. The work of Arem and Madden confirmed that a physical change of a scar could be achieved through the application of stress during the appropriate healing phase.


Most importantly, the Keloid Salve will accelerate the process of the keloid flattening at the center, channeling the toxins to the ends of the keloid, resembling a centipede. At this stage, effort will only need be concentrated at flattening the 2 ends. There will be no recurrence once the entire keloid has flattened. Under normal circumstances, the remodelling phase is characterised by enhanced Blood circulation.


The Keloid Salve is formulated with natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or chemicals. It is skin friendly and absorbable by the human body due to it’s bio-availability or compatibility with our live skin cell structures. It is a chemical free, pure product. It is also very economical as the user only need apply a dab of the salve on the keloid.


The Keloid Salve has recorded a 84% effective rate in a test conducted on 40 individuals (Eng Wen Gui. Effect of Keloid softening and anti-itch ointment on 76 cases. China Chinese-Western Medicine Journal, 1994, 14(12):736.


Test result on 76 patients who used the Keloid Salve:


- 55 cases reported significant improvements: As defined by: [1] softening of the keloid, [2] dramatic flattening of the keloid, [3] restoration of normal skin colour and [4] restoration of mobility of underlying muscles.


- 9 cases reported major improvements: As defined by: [1] shrunken keloid mass, [2] softer keloid mass, [3] thinning keloid mass and [4] partial restoration of mobility of underlying muscles.


- 12 cases reported minimal improvements.


[ Directions ]


Apply a coat of Keloid Salve on the keloid and place a gauze/cotton pad over it. If possible, tie an elastic cotton gauze around it tightly, applying pressure on the keloid (this applies to keloids located at the limbs. However, if this is not possible, eg. if the keloid is at the chest, you can affix the gauze with surgical tape. Do not rub as the granules may scratch the skin. The Keloid Salve can be used on its own once a day and once in the night. If an intensive treatment is desired, the Black keloid paste can be used in the evening and the Keloid Salve in the day. The process of applying pressure on the keloid is important. The key is to keep the coat of Keloid Salve on the keloid at all times. In some TCM clinics, the patients are advised to place gauze over the keloid and to change the gauze every 2-3 days. The gauze stretch is available at most good pharmacies and on this website.



[ Contraindications ]


If the keloid has recently been treated with steroids, lasers or cryotherapy, it is recommended that treatment with our remodelling products should be delayed until the steroids wear off (signs include reformation, itch or pain).
The Keloid Salve is not to be used on broken skin.

The Keloid Salve is best used for keloids on the limbs while the black keloid paste is more suitable for body keloids.
[ Benefits of the Keloid Salve ]

The usage of the Keloid Salve or paste brings no inconvenience and pain to the user’s daily life and once the keloid is flattened, there will be no recurrence. It is in an ointment and is odourless.

The Keloid Salve may be applied to the keloid no matter where it is, when it is caused and what degree it is.
Constant applications make the color, scleroma and elasticity of the skin return to normal state.
For the newly formed scar, after more than one month of formation, a small dosage of application of the panacea is able to prevent the scar from growing.

For a keloid in a large area,  more periods of treatment may not only control the proliferation and rehabilitate of the skin, but also gradually help regain the skin regeneration
[ Applications of the Ba Hen Ling or Keloid Salve ]


Exclusively formulated for keloids.
Use at least once a day.
Can be used in the day while the Black keloid paste is used at night.
Easy to use; no side effects
Massage the ointment gently into the keloid for about 1 – 3 minutes while applying finger pressure.
Shows good result if used with pressure gauze.

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