Javanese hair growth stimulation oil

Javanese hair growth stimulation oil
PT Jamu Indonesia Simona
100 ml

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[ Indications ]

Genuine herbal extracts are used in the production of this hair oil. It is very effective in stimulating hair growth, strengthening hair roots and preventing hair loss, treats premature greying and banishes dandruff. Oil is in light blue from the colour of the herbs. The aroma is also unforgettably fragrant. No artificial colours and aroma.


[ Ingredients ]


Aloe folium 10%
Aleritas triloba semen 20%
Jasminum sambao flos 5%
Hibiscus tiliaceus folium 5%
Jathrpha multifida semen 5%
Oleum cocos 35%
Other ingredients to 100%

[ Application ]

After every bath, apply this hair oil and rub gently into scalp.

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