Green Herbs cream (Herbal formula used by the Miao people)

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Green herbs cream
Herbal formula used by the Miao people

Guizhou Green sun pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Guizhou China

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The highlands of Guizhou, with its excellent climate is home of some of the world's most potent traditional medicinal herbs. One of China's four largest producers of Chinese herbs, Guizhou is home also to one of China's minorities - the Miao people. This ingenious people in Guizhou, who have inherited herbal medicinal skills now make up 49.89% of the total Miao population in China.


In their fight against diseases, the Miao people developed their own unique medical system using only herbs found in Guizhou. Most treatments are holistic and are made from a combination of herbs to treat a wide range of skin ailments, most notable itching and inflammed conditions.


The Miao system produces medicinal treatments that are safe and effective. The community has been able to have and maintain good skin that is free of problems. The Miao medicinal system is quite distinct from mainstream TCM due to their use of indigenous plants found only in the region.





[ indications/ Usage ]

 itching of the skin

 external piles, internal piles
 combination piles

 anal swelling
 inflammations at the anal region

 vaginal and urinal tract infections
 foot rot

 children eczema

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