Real Thai white mud

Thai spa industry's secret beauty mud
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Enjoy this soft and aromatic ingredient only where the healing properties of the Thailand's mineral rich mud remain both a mystery and a secret. As a mask, its healing properties are unsurpassed. For one, it cleanses and purifies like all good masks does. But the Thai mud does not dry out the skin like the other masks. Instead, it leaves behind a silky smooth film which protects and nourishes the skin. That's why this unique pure substance has been used by the Thais and Laotians to protect their skin from the harsh arid environment.  It is known that the mud comes from the north of the country where natural springs abound.


The white mud has been credited for the renowned beauty of Northern Thailand's womenfolk. The mud can be mixed with other ingredients into a luscious paste that feels  soft and silky when applied to the skin. The mud, with its gypsum mineral content, can be applied in its natural state. They are made in small, white balls, forming the ultimate in skin food. Alternatively, they can be combined with other perfumed powder for scented skin, or used as a body scrub to combat skin disease - even repair pus infested wounds. Its use is wide ranging.


The traditional use of medicinal clay has been handed down as a means to cool the body. It is also used in rituals to adorn the skin. This medicinal clay is hand-sifted, sun-dried, and hand powdered. The soft powder is traditionally blended with flower or herbal waters, and is then applied to problem areas to cleanse the skin. It is also used on some Indonesian islands in times of mourning and purification.


Upon receiving the thai mud, pulverize it in the bag and store in the container provided.
Genuine thai white mud is 1. greyish, 2. heavy and has a 3. faint earthy smell.


 [ Indications ]

 Soothes tired, burnt and injured skin (not open wounds).
 Moisturises and nourishes the skin
 Deep cleanses the skin

  [ Directions ]

Before wrapping your body in a plastic sheet, mix the creamy Thai white mud with other ingredients into a  magical concoction. The white mud draws out any infection and impurities form the body and heals blemishes on the skin's surface. After letting the concoction dries after about 20 minutes, take a shower, pat dry and feel the smooth, satin texture of your skin. There is no need to moisturize.


Some original formulas include:
1. Thai white mud, tumeric, majoram and natural spring water
2. Thai white mud, milk, tumeric, camphor and sesame oil


Of course, the white mud can be used on its own as a divine beauty mask. 

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