Facial Marine Living Algae; Seaweed

Exfoliative Marine Algae; Seaweed Living algae, seaweed to revive your skin Bio-way Thailand 20g
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Algae, often interchangeably called seaweed, has been a hot topic lately in the cosmetics ingredient world. But for many generations of coastal families along the Andaman seas, this living substance is a part of their daily skincare ritual. Within each satchet is real hygienically processed nutrition rich green seaweed powder, not the trace elements used in cosmetic creams and lotions. This living substance, which have evolved over millions of years to protect themselves from damaging environmental factors such as desiccation and UV exposure—the same harsh elements that affect our skin, works on human skin too. Marine algae have been used for skin and hair care for thousands of years.

Their inherent moisturizing, healing and strengthening properties have been recognized since ancient times as providing many benefits for human health and beauty. Every culture that has bordered the ocean has traditionally used marine algae for beauty care and, in fact, new discoveries of their qualities and benefits are still being made. We believe in using living ingredients in the most direct way to derive the optimum benefit it has to offer. Processing them into cosmetics often damage the living matrix of the seaweed. As you mix the seaweed with water, you can smell them come alive with the salty scent of the ocean.

[ Usage ] Mix a little (about half a teaspoon) with some water, form into a paste and apply over the entire face. Wait for 20 mins – 30 mins and rinse off. Use this mask 3-4 times a week. More if the skin is troubled by acne.

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