Genuine Thanaka whitening paste

Genuine Thanaka whitening paste, Whitening and smoothening Thanaka paste made with lime Origin: Myanmar
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Whitening and smoothening Thanaka paste made with lime

ThanakaThis Burmese formula is an exquisite extraction of genuine Thanaka bark powder and lime. The paste purifies as well as clarifies the complexion. Suitable for complexions with uneven pigmentation, blackheads, acne. The result is fairer and smoother skin. There is a common saying in Burma that nothing is more life giving than Thanaka. With every bottle of Thanaka, you can enjoy the abundant goodness of a natural whitening agent that has stood the test of time. The paste is so good that it lightens your complexion on the first use. This product represses pigmentation and exfoliates dead cells. Regular use will leave your skin fairer, brighter and firmer. Only 15 minutes a day is needed for a well pampered complexion that is radiant and fair.

For use as a natural face pack treatment for blemishes or smoothing the complexion. Non-fragranced 100% natural product. The soft mixture is naturally fragrant.

[ Instructions ]

The paste is mixed with a little water to form a paste and applied as a face pack. It lightens the complexion while smoothening the complexion and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. Rinse after 15 mins.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Genuine Thanaka fine powder
2. Fresh lime

[ Properties ]

1. Brightens the complexion
2. Improving skin metabolism
3. Tightens the skin
4. Lighten the complexion
5. Repairs sun damage


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