Siddha Medicine Pimple Cure

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Siddha Medicine Pimple Cure
Siddha proprietary medicine Basil oil herbal remedy
Pharma Products Pvt Ltd
20 grams

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Pimple Cure is a safe and fast acting pimple cream to clear Acne, Pimples and Blackheads. PimpleCure contains Basil Oil from OCIUM BASILICUM leaves, a time honored herb which has been used for generations as an effective home remedy for Acne and Pimples. It has now been proven by vlinaa trials in medical institutions that OCIUM BASILICUM is more effective than any modern medicine used in the treatment of Pimples. PHARM PRODUCTS brings to you the effectiveness of this herb in a specially formulated non greasy herbal cream.




PimpleCure is free from any side effects.

Pimple is a common problem during adolescence and is caused by excessive secretion of oil in the glands under the skin. The excess oil clogs the pores, thereby causing Pimples, Acne and Blackheads.

PimpleCure clears scars and blemishes and restores skin to normalcy





Siddha system of medicine is the age-old traditional system of medicine of TamilNadu, South India. Practiced for more than 3000 years by the Siddhars the ancient holy sages. Siddha medicine is the oldest and the foremost of all other medical systems of the world. The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi, which means an object to be attained, perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddhars are far ahead of religion and materialistic life. They by their eternal bliss, intuition and experience formulated several thousands of medicines made out of herbs, herbo mineral compounds and even from animal kingdom for alleviating the diseases of the mankind. It was the life style of the Tamils for natural living. It has both preventive and curative treatments.


[ Guidelines ]


1. Avoid taking excess chocolates, candy, ice creams, sweets, nuts and cola drinks.
2. Reduce intake of fried and fatty foods.
3. Avoid constipation.
4. Do not pick, squeeze or scratch pimples.
5. Habitual resting of the chin on the hand should be avoided.



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