Camphor soap

Camphor bar x (3 bars)
Medicinal soap bar for problem skin
Pagoda brand

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Formulated in Shanghai, this camphor soap is ingeniously blended with Borneol, an expensive skin relieving mineral. Borneol is aromatic and bitter in flavour, slightly cold in nature, and it affinits the ear, spleen and lung channels. Being aromatic, volatile and bitter, it is purgative. Internally, this drug functions in resuscitating and restoring consciousness, serving to treat coma of heat-blockage type. But owing to weakness in potency, it is used mostly as an adjuvant and in combination with heat-eliminating herbs and drugs for resuscitation. When used externally, it is effective in promoting tissue regeneration and relieving pain.


[ Indications ]

 3 bars of soap 

Suitable for use in the tropics where the skin is subjected to constant warmth. An excellent preventive soap to keep the skin healthy. Does not contain harmful chemical disinfectants. Helps treat heat-related skin diseases. In a few weeks' of use, the skin will become soft and tender. Helps to dry lesions and regenerate skin tissues.


[ Application ]


Wash the skin and face every morning and night. Leave the soap on affected skin for about 1-2 minutes before washing off. Accelerate the drying up of eczema and urticaria lesions. Recommended for those suffering from eczema and urticaria. Normal cleansers and soaps can aggravate the condition.

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