Breast Firming Herbal Massage Soap

Quantity: 3 bars x 35 grams Producer: J&K International Ltd Origin: Thailand
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Breast Firming Herbal Massage Soap is designed for tightening and augmentation breast size. The soap stimulates the mammary glands to stay healthy and awake. This soap is formulated from natural ingredients and is free from any side effects, and is processed with the latest technology. Regular use keeps the breasts full and perky, visible results within 1 month of usage. This highly effective formula is produced from ingredients sourced from the USA.



[ How does it work? ]

Together with a stimulating massage, the soap enhances intense hydration, restoring elasticity, which in turn, allows more collagen to be formed and fill up the breasts.



How to Use ]

Flush with water until foam develops, then massage the breast in an upward motion, from the bottom up. Massage for about 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse as usual and shower. When you massage, there is blood circulation to massaged area, thus stimulating the mammary glands for enhancement and firming.

[ Ingredients ]

Tea Caffeine Salicylate Panthenol, Pegaga, Glycerin, Lanolin Oil

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