24K gold dust powder skin treatment

Gold dust powder treatment

10 grams

Origin: Thailand

Most ancient of beauty treatment, naturally creates fair and glowing skin


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 Use of gold for skin care is not new. It has been used in ancient civilisations for hundreds of years. Early alchemists have already discovered the curative properties of gold in their search for a life sustaining elixir. In Thailand, for example, gold foils were placed over the skin to help soften, protects, lighten and nourishes the skin of royalties. With modern science, gold is further refined into nano sized particles for rapid absorption. This reduces wastage of this precious substance as it alows optimal use of all the gold that is applied on the skin.

The size of the pores was approximately 2 microns; therefore it easily penetrated into the epidermal tissues in human body as bridge led by the nano gold particle to transport the blood current to the needed cells for nutrition, catalyzing, and elimination of toxicants. When applied the nano gold on skin, not only promoted the growth of the lower capillary for supplying nutrient to cells but also multiplication of blood and endothelium cells. It promoted the growth of the skin cells by replacing the aging cells for revitalization. It also had better development on connective tissues. Nano gold powder played important role in transporting strong energy, carry oxygen for smooth skin metabolism and elasticity. Physical process of avoid and control the environmental pollution through the purification of nano technology.
From the viewpoint of modern medicine, blood is consistent with energy which driven blood circulation and metabolism for the cells in human body. The nano gold played important role of strengthen energy transport and carrying oxygen for smooth transportation of the blood and better skin metabolism to reach metabolism for the natural cells and resisted skin damage from the ultra-violet ray. Once the nano gold entered human body cells, it can adjust functions of cells through horizontal gene transfer to activated cells.
This is not the first attempt to use gold for medicinal purposes, as gold was once commonly used to heal leg ulcers. Research published last year by the American Chemical Society also suggested that nanoparticles of it (combined with radiation, among other things) could possibly help treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
[ Application ]
Moisten some powder with water and form a paste. Apply paste over the whole face and allow to dry for about 15 mins – 25 mins, then rinse off with water.
[ Ingredients ]
1. 24k nano gold dust
2. Vitamin C & E
3. Alpha arbutin
[ Storage ]
Keep dry, store powder in container provided
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